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White Chicks - louis

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It is quite surprising that a film with so many contributors with different minds and diverse ideas could produce such an uninspired and lazy but amusing motion picture, but here is the review read on if you dare. Many of the readers first experiences of the Wayans Brothers does not extend beyond a time pre-Scary Movie, but I have been a fan of their highly funny and highly numerous family for as long as I can remember starting way back at In Living Color, so you can imagine my disappointment when I saw White Chicks parading around on-screen like some retarded monkey trapped in a Groundhog Day paradox. Okay, so here is the setup: Kevin (Shawn Wayans) and Marcus Copeland (Marlon Wayans) are two FBI agent siblings who have been freshly reprimanded after screwing up a major drug bust at a convenience store. Their punishment is to escort two spoilt rich white girls to the Hamptons who are suspected to be the objects of abduction from a man embezzling money from a charity and intends to use the girls as some kind of financial leverage. Kevin and Marcus accept the job, in an effort to get back in the Chiefs good graces, pick up the girls, get in a minor fender bender, the two rich white girls scratch themselves a little, refuse to return to the Hamptons scathed, Kevin has an idea and the ethno-gender transformation begins.

Hilarity ensues. Sorry, I lied, horrendous stupidity ensues because the decision to call in an expert team of make-up artists to disguise the two African-American male FBI agents as two white girls arises so quickly and without consideration for any other logical plan that it is inconceivably ridiculous. Even Robin Williams Daniel Hillard tried bargaining with his wife before becoming Mrs. Doubtfire which was a last resort and occurred with good cause. "White Chicks" did not make sense in the metamorphic transition and this is where I lost interest. But, we get past it and lock the event in our little box of secrets. That is, until, the transformation is complete for God's sake they don't even look human, let alone, white. I honestly have seen Brazilian transsexuals with a moustache, a crotch bump and a botched semi-permanent make-up op that looks more like a woman than these two. Christ! Okay, so we get past that, but then they expect us to believe that these "women"

"Easy White chocolate, wouldn't want you to melt"